Both enemies are right

Both enemies are right

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By Frrok Çupi

It has rarely happened in history, perhaps that rare that we don’t know any other example where enemies fight each other for causes which they have abused with. Here, the opposition and the majority in parliament “fight” each other and both sides are right on one thing…

The Socialist Party, which has power over everything now, has accused the Democratic Party (in opposition) for suspicious and undeclared funding which was used to lobby in the United States of America. At the same time, it has also accused this party that Moscow has secretly funded its electoral campaign.

Normally, after these sorts of accusations, the opposition should be shaken to its foundation.

At the same time, the Democratic Party has accused the Socialist Party of being involved in the crime of the 600 and odd kilograms of cocaine which were caught by foreign agencies in Durres. It has also accused the ruling power of putting pressure on the justice institutions in order not to allow the former minister Tahiri who was caught doing traffic of drugs and weapons. The leader of the Democratic Party addressed to the leader of the Socialist Party, saying to him: “Forget Russia, let’s talk about Columbia”. This seems like a game of words, but in essence, it shows that none of the sides take notice of their crime, but try to denounce the crime committed by the other side.

In a normal state, such accusations should have led to the government to resign. In Slovakia, so far, two ministers have resigned (the minister of Culture and the minister of Interior); the Prime Minister of the country too as a result of the killing of an investigative journalist. The opposition, which called for resignation, showed proof that it was not in the same situation as the government was.

Here, they are the same; they do not ask for each other’s resignation and they do not show that Albania could be governed differently.

As to us, the others, we have another “benefit”: We see how the two enemies are right. The other conclusion would be very pessimistic: The ones who govern today and the ones who are expected to govern tomorrow, are equally incompetent to govern.

Could the two “enemy” parties have things in common?

In the modern politics of developed societies, having some things in common is a necessity to have a good government. In the United States, for instance, researchers have found 50 common things between republicans and democrats. Both parties control the process of the election of the president, both of them benefit from congressional favors, both parties uphold the nation, the right of voters, the obligation to resign, the duty to serve the voter… In our case, the two “enemy” parties are joined in the damage and not the good that they do to the nation and the state. This is the catastrophic difference.

What are the consequences if both sides embrace evil?

Hope will die:

Many observers and common people are seeing how “hope has died”. There are many people who are leaving the country for a better life abroad and as a result of a bad governance here. But, if a government is consumed, the opposition should be prospering. In practice, the government is right about denouncing the opposition. This means that the “right wing” door of hope for the citizens of this country is closed.

People will lose interest on politics:

Have people lost their interest on politics? Seeing the large numbers of people in rallies and party headquarters, then one should think that the interest  is still high. But it’s not like that. These people belong to the category of citizens who queue for personal gains, for a job tomorrow and so on. This is the evil compromise made between political parties and citizens.

Bad governance for eternity

Both parties (DP and SP) have made sure that nobody threatens them. The SP has installed governing autocracy, while the DP has installed opposition autocracy. The DP has elected as MPs clients of Soros’ left wing, while as far as the SP is concerned, western conservatism which is coming in power, has no political allies in our country. Both political sides have lowered the bar of parliamentary and government representation: They are either accused of theft, vote rigging, corruption or “idiocy”. Nobody resembles to a decent politician. Values no longer exist.

Then, what should we do? We should not allow our children from seeing politicians on television…

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