Borissov: “They want to block Bulgaria’s European path”

Borissov: “They want to block Bulgaria’s European path”

The protests that took place on Thursday afternoon, in which President Rumen Radev and the PSD took part, were commented on by Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, describing the events as a well-thought-out scenario that seeks to block Bulgaria’s European path.

“President Rumen Radev is solely responsible for appointing the director of the National Security Service (EYA). The head of state has been directing and controlling the EYA for the past four years”, Borissov said.

The Bulgarian Prime Minister referred to the role of the EYA in an effort to expose the government in order to stop Bulgaria’s Euro-Atlantic course.

Borrisov touched on the case of Attorney General Ivan Geshev, stating that even he did not know the officials arrested and learned of it from the media.

“The new Attorney General is working with the Secretary-General of the Ministry of the Interior. They act professionally, this is their work style. Even the ministers do not know this, and I will find out later if any of them have been arrested. I immediately demanded the resignation of these people. What’s the difference between ministers, mayors, senior police officers being held for violations and presidential advisers?” the Prime Minister wondered.

Continuing, Boyko Borissov said that tonight “we will receive the good news that we are receiving the green light for the waiting room of the eurozone and the EU Banking Union”.

“Banks will no longer be able to go bankrupt, Bulgaria’s creditworthiness will increase, we will be in the position of the most successful, at the heart of the EU”, Borissov stressed./ibna