Borissov met with Sisi in Cairo

Borissov met with Sisi in Cairo

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov is on an official visit in Cairo, where he met with the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi.

The Bulgarian Prime Minister noted during the inauguration of the Bernice naval base in the Red Sea that “the real revolution in the political contacts between Bulgaria and Egypt that we have made in the last two years can give new practical expression to our cooperation in all areas”.

Thanks to the constructive political dialogue of 2018, a new page has been opened to enhance bilateral co-operation in all areas – political, economic, energy, cultural, educational, tourist, Borissov noted.

Continuing, the Bulgarian Prime Minister said that Bulgaria would continue to support Egypt in its efforts to combat terrorism and religious extremism. According to him, expanding co-operation in this area means more security for the Middle East and the Balkans. “We appreciate the very positive role Egypt has played, both as President of the African Union and in its leadership role in the Union of Arab States”, Prime Minister Boyko Borissov added.

The Bulgarian Prime Minister welcomed Egypt’s serious efforts to contribute to finding peaceful solutions to crises in the region and, through dialogue, the parties involved in these conflicts to reach a compromise. “A lasting peace will enable the economic and social development of societies”, the Bulgarian Prime Minister told President Sisi.

During the discussion, Borissov said bilateral energy co-operation is of particular interest to Bulgaria, on the one hand, based on Egypt’s natural resources, and on the other, with the implementation of certain energy projects in Bulgaria. “This will allow us to be both a consumer and a transit hub for significant quantities of gas from Asian and Middle Eastern countries to Europe”, Prime Minister Borissov noted.

The Bulgarian Prime Minister also stressed that the first meeting of the Joint Intergovernmental Committee is expected to take place in 2020 and that new high-level visits will be held. Bulgaria and Egypt have already reached bilateral agreements, the signing of which will expand and enrich co-operation in areas of mutual interest./ibna