Borissov: Bulgaria will receive about EUR 29 billion from European funds

Borissov: Bulgaria will receive about EUR 29 billion from European funds

“Bulgaria will receive about 29 billion euro in European funds in the coming years”, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov said on Facebook.

“Bulgaria got more than 1 billion more. Everyone said it was worth it, everyone said our presidency was an example. Charles Michel called me in person and thanked me for the great help I gave him in the negotiations. Finally, we all greeted each other and at 7:20 Bulgarian time we congratulated the Prime Minister of Sweden on his birthday. “My sister had a birthday on Friday, I could not leave, it has passed now, she will not be angry, she will be alive and well, I will greet her from here”, Borissov said.

“We are one of the small countries that will win more. Given that the total amount of the new annual financial framework is EUR 62 billion less. That’s why I deserve to give up, because there are more than 2 billion euros in this pruning. “For the people who want my resignation, I leave 29 billion euro for the next years”, the prime minister also commented.

“EU leaders have reached a compromise. Last night at midnight we reached an agreed, subsidies were reduced to 390 billion euro, loans were increased to 360 billion. Everything was rewritten”, he said.

For the first time, Bulgaria will have 200 million leva for poor areas, Borissov explained. “Charles Michel is a great friend of Bulgaria. Merkel helped a lot. Huge support from Sebastian Kurz, he made a statement to the councils as if he was the prime minister of Bulgaria, that he wants Bulgaria to receive these 200 million, especially from the prime minister of the Netherlands”, the prime minister commented.

And the European Union will have a budget of 1.8 trillion euro by 2027. This agreement was reached on the fifth day of negotiations in Brussels. For the first time in history, an agreement was reached on linking the allocation of budget funds to the rule of law and environmental protection.

This budget will also include an economic recovery fund. It will amount to 750 million euro, said the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen./ibna