Border issue on Sutorine terminated, Montenegro sends ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Border issue on Sutorine terminated, Montenegro sends ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Podgorica, May 12, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Adnan Prekic

After a few months, the border dispute between Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina ended. The Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina did not accepted the declaration to raise a question of demarcation with Montenegro in the area Sutorina. In this way conditions were created for the conclusion of international agreement on borders, which has already been agreed. From the Montenegrin Ministry of Foreign Affairs was announced that by the end of the month Montenegro will set up an ambassador in this country. Ambassador’s mission in Sarajevo was supposed to start earlier, but his departure was delayed due to the Declaration launched in BiH parliament.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Montenegro welcomes the decision of the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina to reject the Draft Resolution on Sutorina. We consider this decision a strong testimony of the majority of citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s commitment to developing and strengthening the excellent relations established between the two countries, based on the principles of international law and values of good neighbourly cooperation.

In this regard, Montenegro reiterates its position that the countries should sign the border agreement, thus confirming their democratic capacity to address important issues through communication, and continuing discussions on a number of other agreements, as well as further strengthening of bilateral cooperation. The appointed Ambassador of Montenegro to Bosnia and Herzegovina in the coming days, and no later than by the end of the month, will take the post of the head of our diplomatic mission based in Sarajevo.

Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina signed an agreement on demarcation in late 2014. The agreement was prepared by the Commission and the document was confirmed by the governments of the two countries. At the last moment, a Bosnian Parliament MP, Denis Bećirović, submitted a resolution, demanding that the Parliamentary Assembly does not accept the agreement. The resolution stated that Sutorina belongs to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Montenegrin officials have several times announced that the issue of demarcation was completed. Sutorina is territory of Montenegro and that was confirmed by the decisions of the Badinter Commission, which was established at the beginning of the nineties as the border between the former Yugoslav Republics.