“Borac M:tel” breaking the ice – players in sexy calendar

“Borac M:tel” breaking the ice – players in sexy calendar

Banja Luka, December 18, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Mladen Dragojlovic

Handball players from Banja Luka Handball Club “Borac m:tel” definitely broke the ice in the region and made a calendar in which the first team players of the club appear with very little or no clothing at all.

This calendar is something new in BiH and represents the marketing move that is unique in this state. But, similar projects are usual in the Western countries and “Borac” management decided to be the first.

“With this move, we “jumped out of the box” for this area but I’m not saying that this is something innovative. In any case, I think the calendar will attract sponsors, customers and fans to buy the calendar, director of the club”, Vladimir Brankovic told to reporters.

Photos for the calendar were made by world famous photographer Stephan Lupino and, unofficially, he did not ask for a fee for his work. All he asked was that “Borac” pays the costs of travel and accommodation in Banja Luka.

Brankovic said that, during the calendar shooting, the world famous artist had a problem because players were not always willing to do what he wanted.

“I acted as some kind of balance between Lupino and his models in those cases and I think that the calendar is really great. Lupino has put his personal touch and calendar has been made in a smaller format in order to fit on every wall”, Brankovic said.

Marketing manager of the M:tel company, Djordje Misic, said that the calendar is a high quality artistic work but that, personally, his wish was that Lupino arranged the calendar to be half with women and half with men.

“First of all, I see that the Club director Brankovic have to much clothes and he is not in accordance with calendar, joked Misic.

The club has already sold more than 1,000 copies of the calendars and the price is 10 BAM (5 Euro). The money, according to the administration of the Club, will be given at the players, but the greatest benefit will be on the marketing promotion of the Club. Thirty citizens had the opportunity to earn a calendar that was signed by the players of “Borac”.

One of most successful sport teams in Banja Luka, Handball club “Borac M:tel” is not doing very well in this season. The calendar is a way to improve the popularity of the club in order to bring the public in the sport hall during plays, bringing more money to the club. On thing is certain however, the Banja Luka girls are going crazy about the calendar.