Bomb explosion at the court of appeal in Athens – Unclear if linked to the property auctions

Bomb explosion at the court of appeal in Athens – Unclear if linked to the property auctions

“It is not a joke. Pay attention. A bomb will explode on Loukareos Street, at the Athens Court of Appeal. You have 40 minutes to evacuate the buildings”, said the male voice on the warning phone call that was made to two media outlets (EFSYN newspaper and Zougla web site) before the explosion.

At 03:25 a.m. on Friday, December 22, a makeshift bomb exploded outside the court buildings in downtown Athens, close to the HQs of the Greek Police (GADA).

No, injuries were reported but extensive damage was caused to the court and other, nearby buildings.

Police are investigating footage of cameras in the area, the spot is cordoned off and until now no organisation has assumed responsibility for the night attack.

E-auctions and tougher measures against those opposing them

Government critics have said that the Greek leadership is allowing and embracing such violent phenomena with its stance, as perpetrators, who happen to violate social rules openly (and in the past days, quite often, both in Athens and Thessaloniki) are not being punished. Others claim that the incident might be closely related to property auctions which take place in Athens and Thessaloniki, with protesters against them constantly clashing with police who gather at courts aiming at disrupting procedures.

On Thursday (Dec. 21), and after a long parliamentary debate that lasted for twelve hours, the bill on auctions -the Greek Parliament “approved tougher restrictions against anti-bailout protesters who have sought to block the auction of homes that have gone into default because their owners can’t meet mortgage payments”, wrote the Voice of America (VoA) was finally voted for and passed by most MPs (146 voted in favour, 35 opposed and 62 abstained).

Earlier on Thursday (Dec. 21)

PAME labour union members rallied in support of people who might lose their homes, protesting against the draft law on foreclosed home auctions, that was concluded with the MPs’ voting late on Thursday evening.

As ANA-MPA reports, “The protest focused on the draft amendment that proposes jail sentences for people interrupting auctions of foreclosed homes or harming auction officials”…/IBNA