Bomb explodes in front of an office of LSDM opposition party in Skopje

Bomb explodes in front of an office of LSDM opposition party in Skopje

Skopje, February 24, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

A bomb has exploded in front of the offices of the Macedonian opposition party Social Democratic Macedonian League (LSDM) in the commune of Karposh in Skopje.

The event has taken place in the early hours of Monday. The Ministry of Interior informs that the “Kashikara” bomb didn’t cause any wounded. Meanwhile, several cars (photo) parked near the offices of this party have been damaged.

At the moment of the explosion, around 30 party activists were inside the premises, holding a meeting about the preparations for the presidential elections.

Senior officials of the party have immediately arrived at the scene and demanded for the authors of this terrorizing act to be caught.

Spokesman of LSDM, Petre Shigelov said that this is a criminal act. He called on the authorities to catch the perpetrators.

“At the moment when the bomb was thrown, there were around 30 youngsters inside the premises, holding a meeting, but fortunately there were no wounded. 5 vehicles of party activists have been damaged. We believe that this is a terrorist act. We appeal for the authorities to shed light as soon as possible on this act”, said Mr. Shigelov. These political tensions happen ahead of the presidential elections and rumors for early parliamentary elections in the country. /ibna/