IBNA Op-Ed/Why have sales dropped? A one million dollar question, but I have the answer

IBNA Op-Ed/Why have sales dropped? A one million dollar question, but I have the answer

By Nikollaq Neranxi

President of the Association for the Protection of Traders and Market of Albania

Former MP of the Socialist Movement for Integration

Tax authorities are asking businesses why their sales have dropped!!! And they are right. What happened to you? Taxes dropped, salaries and pensions increased, price of water dropped, price of power supply and fuel dropped, over 200 thousand Albanians left Albania and because there are now more good things than bad things, they don’t want to come back and when an Albanian shops in Germany, there’s no way for sales to go up in Albania. Then, we must admit that we’re a little lazy and do not like to work. Personally, I admit that I don’t work as much as I should, because the time I should have spent finding new ways to expand my business, increase the number of employees and sales, I must spend it in court to appeal against bills and anti-democratic and anti-constitutional decisions which the people that lead us and that we elected are taking.

However, I must offer an answer to this “precious” question, by advising first of all the tax people to leave theater to those who have attended an art school.

By admitting that consumption has dropped, because the economic level of the population has dropped, there’s still a way to fight informality and increase sales, but without hypocrisy. There’s no need to terrorize traders in shops with pointless inspections. Go to customs and close the doors of contraband.

The English of Crown Agents told you what sort of mess happens there.  The goods come out in the market without any invoice and it goes without saying that you cannot tax the goods of thieves.

This way, even us who declare every penny to the state, will be saved from this dishonest competition that is suffocating us. Also, remove thresholds for small businesses and let them work in exchange of taxes.

Do not force people to be dishonest with the state. If you don’t do these, then I can say that this outrageous situation not only doesn’t worry you, but it is also convenient for you.

(P.S I don’t want the one million dollars of the answer) Nikollaq Neranxi

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