Bloomberg: SYRIZA can lose up to 40 MPs in the vote for the measures

Bloomberg: SYRIZA can lose up to 40 MPs in the vote for the measures

Athens, June 24, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

“Tsipras is trying to calm the left wing of his party, as many of them are in favor of bankruptcy with creditors”, aired Tuesday Bloomberg news agency.

The Left Platform, which controls about 40 MPs in Parliament, and is composed of former communists and other hardliners close to the trade unions, could trigger a government crisis if its MPs vote against the plan the government will bring, says the report of the agency.

Then, Bloomberg cites a note sent by Deutsche Bank to its customers. The analyst of the bank, Giorgos Saravelos, argues that “it will be a great challenge for the Greek Prime Minister to pass agreement from the House. Political developments in Greece will depend on how many MPs the government will lose”.

He notes that if there are significant leaks, the support of other parties will be required, among them the main opposition party New Democracy.

Saravelos, in the note sent to customers of the bank, estimates that 10-40 MPs of SYRIZA could disagree with the government’s options.

If there is a significant leak that will require support from the New Democracy, it open the way for wider changes in the government or for a referendum, the analyst believes.

IBNA contacted with parliamentarians of SYRIZA from all components, and found that almost all MPs will support any agreement signed Alexis Tsipras, in order to overcome the hurdle of economic suffocation that has taken hold of the Greek economy.

Several MPs say that time must be given to the left government, so that under normal conditions to carry out the program and not be seen as a failed parenthesis.

SYRIZA MPs are well aware that a possible failure, will be the definitive end of the Left in Greece, a country which traditionally has strong roots in the Left.