Bloomberg: Germany examines a ‘tiered’ agreement with Greece

Bloomberg: Germany examines a ‘tiered’ agreement with Greece

Athens, June 11, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

The government of German Chancellor Angela Merkel might be satisfied if Greece implemented at least one reform from those demanded by creditors, in order to open the door to rescue funds, according to two sources with knowledge of the German positions, which Bloomberg sites.

As reported by sources which asked not to be named, while the Germans insist on a package of measures including increased taxes, privatization and less generous pension benefits, they might compromise with an unequivocal commitment by the Greek government to a particular measure in order to “unlock” the financial assistance to Athens.

While Tsipras might take time until next year to make changes such as cuts in retirement benefits, he will have to implement at least one reform if he wants to receive help, added the two sources, but did not clarify which of all the reforms will have to be implemented by Greece.

Merkel’s spokesman, Stefan Zaimpert and his deputy Christian Virg did not reply to written messages on the subject, while the representative of the German Foreign Ministry declined to comment.