Bijaca border crossing opened

Bijaca border crossing opened

Sarajevo, February 12, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Mladen Dragojlovic

The border crossing between BiH and Croatia in the southern part of BiH, was opened on Friday and begun to work in full capacity. Its inauguration marked the conclusion of the third phase of the construction of this border crossing which fulfills all EU standards.

This Border crossing is one of two places which are constructed under BIP standards which means that it is possible to make all inspection controls. On the North of the country it is Gradiska border crossing. It was inaugurated by Head of Cooperation at the EU Delegation in BiH, Melvin Asin, chairman of the Indirect Taxation Authority, Governing Board and the Minister of Finance and Treasury of BiH, Vjekoslav Bevanda, and Director of the Indirect Taxation Authority, Miro Dzakula.

Asin expressed satisfaction about the completion of works on Bijaca. As he stated, the third phase of works, worth five million Euros through IPA funds, was financed by the EU. He also wished success to all employees of this border crossing.

“This border crossing will help BiH to have the infrastructure to control the flow of goods and people. I hope you will maximally use existing infrastructure and the bring benefits to BiH when it comes to trade and movement of people”, Asin said.

Bevanda said that Friday is the end of the working week and the best time for the symbolic handover of a fully completed work on the border crossing which is in use for a long time but it was not in full capacity.

“On Monday we will submit the application for membership of BiH in EU, and a big job is ahead of us. In my mind I’m already on Monday and Tuesday, and all that we need to work and meet. We want not only to be physically close to the EU, but to be part of the European family, said Bevanda and expressed the hope that other border crossings will be the best mirror of the country.

Dzakula stressed that this border crossing meets all the requirements according to European standards and that it is one of the two border crossings where it is allowed to export all products of plant and animal origin.

“I am proud that the employees of the ITA get the opportunity to work on this border crossing. Particularly is important to emphasise that at the border crossing is the substation of customs office from Ljubuški, which means that the process of customs clearance can be done very quickly”, Džakula said.

In total there are 18 traffic lines, nine for entry and nine for exit from BiH. The Central building has two levels, for the purposes of the ITA Customs Service and the Border Police of BiH. In addition, there are supporting facilities, such as generator power stations, substations, and restrooms for passengers and users of the customs terminal.