BiH: Vučić announces investment of significant Serbia funds in Republika Srpska and FBiH

BiH: Vučić announces investment of significant Serbia funds in Republika Srpska and FBiH

Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency chairman Milorad Dodik said at a press conference in Banja Luka that the “politics of Sarajevo” and their demands for the abolition of the RS and the elimination of its institutional strength were to blame for the lack of cooperation with Republika Srpska.

At a joint conference with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic who visited today Banja Luka, he said that “politically, Sarajevo is completely sick”, while the statements of the Party of Democratic Action leader Bakir Izetbegovic on the non-paper was “an ideology very familiar to us.”

“Neither we nor Serbia provoked or drafted a non-paper, it came from the side. And we do not want any conflict, excess, not even on an individual level,” said Dodik.

He repeatedly pointed out that Republika Srpska does not want a war or an Exit from Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the context of a possible secession which, as he claims, would be exclusively the result of bad policy from Sarajevo, Republika Srpska would leave with 49 percent of the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Summarizing today’s talks with Vučić and other officials of the Republic of Serbia, he emphasized the construction of the Sarajevo-Belgrade highway and other projects such as the hydroelectric power plant on the Drina River and the construction of the Gradina memorial complex, in memory of the Serbian victims in Jasenovac.

Dodik described the high-level visit in Serbia as “the most important so far”.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić said that Bosnia and Herzegovina is the third export destination for Serbia and the number seven trade partner, and therefore a rather important partner.

He claims that the trade exchange between the two countries can be significantly higher this year compared to last year. He stressed that it is important, while maintaining peace and stability, to develop economies and ensure that people know that working together is a perspective for the future instead of war.

Vučić announced financial assistance from Serbia in the realization of development projects in four municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Drvar, Kostajnica, Dubica and Nevesinje.

He added that talks on the construction of the airport in Trebinje are also important for which, according to Serbia’s estimates, 98 to 100 million euros should be set aside, and of which Serbia would directly invest in the ratio of 73-75%.

“By investing a significant amount, Serbia would try to provide great benefits by realizing that project, both to Republika Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as to itself as the owner of the facility,” Vucic said.

They also discussed the construction of the highway from Banja Luka to Bijeljina and the bridge over the Sava River, for which Serbia wants to directly invest 100 million of the required 136 million euros.

According to Vučić, cooperation in the fight against organized crime and corruption is “terribly important” for his country, and in the context of relations with Republika Srpska, he announced that a lot of work lies ahead in preserving language and text.

Today, Vučić also received the “Key of the City of Banja Luka” award on the occasion of City Day. During the visit of the delegation, numerous other meetings of high officials were held, as well as a session of the Cooperation Council. /ibna