BiH: UNICEF supports the #SummerSense campaign

BiH: UNICEF supports the #SummerSense campaign

The #SummerSense campaign, launched by the WHO Regional Office for Europe, in partnership with UNICEF Europe and Central Asia, aims to support people with assessing the risks posed by increased travel and mass gatherings taking every precaution, UN Delegation to BiH said.

With the first reported cases of the Delta variant in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the vigilance must remain high, to avoid more infections and hospitalizations. Using all the tools at disposal to prevent transmission is of utmost importance: the tailored and consistent practice of all well-known measures, in combination with equitable vaccination. As Dr Fabio Scano, acting Head of WHO Country Office for Bosnia and Herzegovina, explains, the campaign promotes a number of simple, but effective measures people in Bosnia and Herzegovina can take to reduce their COVID-19 risk:

“If you want to travel, think about the need. If you decide to, do it safely. Now is not the time to let down our guard. What is really critical is that Bosnia and Herzegovina continues to maintain low level of transmission of COVID-19 using all measures. Individuals have a role to play in this with physical distancing, wearing of masks, ventilating indoors and avoiding crowded spaces. All of these actions will drive down transmission and all of these actions need to continue. This is practicing #SummerSense and reducing the risk of getting infected”.

At the end of summer, authorities will also be planning children and young people’s safe return to schools and university. Dr Rownak Khan, UNICEF Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, highlighted the connection of the safe behaviours and the schools reopening:

“It is great to see that the numbers of cases are currently low along with deaths, but the fight is not yet over. Unfortunately, the virus does not take a summer break and therefore until the immunisation rates are higher, we must maintain safe behaviours. Each of us can contribute through responsible and safe behaviours. This will help us and our children to go back to normal lives. We will continue our work with partners and authorities to ensure safely re-opening schools after summer”.

Even though more people are getting vaccinated, and some public health measures are easing, now is not the time to drop our guard as the pandemic is far from over. Now is the time for #SummerSense.