BiH takes a step closer to the edge

BiH takes a step closer to the edge

Actions of political leaders in BiH, in last several months, are not in function of reconciliation and good cooperation, which is necessary for the country to continue approaching to EU and NATO, and cause instability pushing the state closer to the edge of chaos.

When everybody was convinced that the story on the referendum about the RS Day, which already was marked as illegal and BiH Prosecution office lead investigation about it, was over, the RS National Assembly once again discussed and accepted the final report on the referendum. This had to be done since RS Constitutional Court defined that the first decision was not published in a proper manner. The court took into account the complaint of Bosniak representatives that the RS House of Peoples didn’t discuss it before publishing in Official Gazette, and that it violates vital national interest of Bosniaks in RS. Reactions on the second discussion and acceptance of referendum final report are expected in the following days.

Until then, politicians have other issues to argue about. The biggest discussion of political leaders in BiH at the moment is on the issue of review of BiH lawsuit against Serbia for genocide. Leader of Bosniak party SDA (Party of Democratic Action), Bakir Izetbegovic, is determined to submit the request for the review of lawsuit despite the voices against that, mostly from Serb political parties. Leader of SNSD (Alliance of independent social democrats), Milorad Dodik, warned that the review is not a good idea.

“It is absolutely unacceptable and detrimental to the future relations not only in BiH, but in the entire region. BiH did not find relevant evidence against Serbia in the first proceedings, which also was not legitimate; therefore I absolutely believe that there are no new evidence, which emerged in the last ten years. But, Izetbegovic intent is a strong evidence that those who have ‘a mouth full of BiH’, work persistently and systematically on its demolition, or at least on the attempted expulsion of all non-Muslims from Bosnia”, Dodik said.

Since Izetbegovic is also a member of BiH Presidency, Dodik argues that he is maintaining the position with initiatives like this one. Dodik said that he will call the SDS, PDP and NDP, parties which are in coalition with SDA on state level of government, to permanently leave the joint institutions of BiH, along with the SNSD representative.

The leader of PDP, Branislav Borenovic, said earlier that, if Izetbegovic continues with his efforts, the answer of his and other parties will be very sharp. It is interesting that, as the deadline for the request on the review of the lawsuit is drawing closer more officials are sending their messages to Izetbegovic to stop these actions. More interesting is that international community officials are also against this initiative, despite the fact that in the past they supported the majority of Izetbegovic’s political decisions. OSCE ambassador in BiH, Jonathan Moore, said that the review of BiH lawsuit against Serbia on the International Court of Justice in The Hague is neither a good nor a mutual and practical step at this moment.

“This process brings into question the status and the consensus in the BiH Presidency and there is no justification for it”, Moore said for Sarajevo media.

EU Special representative in BiH, Lars Gunnar Wigemark, also said that the review would break the economic reforms. He emphasized that the state has more important things to do on the EU path and that it is necessary to look forward, not in the past.

Izetbegovic continues with his actions and on Thursday he met with ex BiH agent on the ICJ in Hague, Sakib Softic, who is supposed to fill the request for the review. In next few days, BiH will pass through a very difficult period and maybe Izetbegovic will be proven right when, a few days ago, had stated that this will trigger the biggest political crisis in the state since the end of the war./IBNA