BiH: Attempt against the life of a state prosecutor

BiH: Attempt against the life of a state prosecutor

Banja Luka, December 8, 2014 / Independent Balkan News Agency

By Mladen Dragojlovic

BiH police has started a manhunt for the unknown person who cut the cables of the breaks of the private car of BiH state prosecutor Dijana Kajmakovic.

Her husband noticed on Monday morning that the brakes of the car are not working. He turned the engine on and, because of earlier attacks on his wife, made tested the brakes, but they didn’t work. Then he looked the system and noticed that cables are cut.

Police conducted an investigation but didn’t identify the person who tried to kill prosecutor Kajmakovic. The Main prosecutor of BiH Prosecution office, Goran Salihovic, confirmed to the media that it was an assassination attempt and that he ordered a full investigation.

In a press release the Prosecution office emphasised that it will be rigorous on any attempts against the safety of prosecutors and members of their families.

“We will continue the fight against organised criminal. There are no untouchables and there are no attacks that will stop this fight, or influence our current open investigations”, emphasized BiH Prosecution office in press release.

Kajmakovic is one of prosecutors on the trial to Zijad Turkovic (photo) and his criminal group. Turkovic and his associates committed several murders, illegally purchased and sold narcotics and were sentenced for several other criminal acts. In the first instance, Turkovic and Milenko Lakic were sentenced in 40 years in prison, Sasha Stjepanovic on 12, Fadil Aljovic on five and Muamer Zahitovic on three years of prison. For the second instance the trial is ongoing, with Turkovic having threaten Kajmakovic several time in the courtroom, by expressing “his condolences to her family”.

But, after the incident with the brakes on Kajmakovic car was discovered, she went in the courtroom on the Turkovic trial. This was not a first attack on Kajmakovic. In December 2013 her vehicle was stolen and, several days later, police found it badly damaged. Also, unknown persons damaged her weekend cottage, near Sarajevo. After that, Kajmakovic had police protection, but police officers on duty, during night Sunday on Monday, didn’t heard any noise from the garage.

Association of BiH prosecutors also reacted on this attack with a press release in which they warned that their members are under constant oppression.

“There are no examples of similar attacks on prosecutors in civilized states. Unfortunately, many public officials, dissatisfied with the sharpness and the results achieved in the fight against crime, joined the campaign against prosecutors, thus creating a “favorable environment”, in which the prosecutor’s murder is a ‘natural product’ of such a condition”, said the Association in the press release.