BiH in need of social dialog

BiH in need of social dialog

Centre for civic initiative BiH initiated and held the conference named “Social Dialogue and Reforms” with the aim to bring all participants of social dialogue in BiH on one place, in order to openly exchange views on the challenges and problems with which they are faced in  the process of the social dialogue, at all levels, with special emphasis on the reform process.

The initiative for conference, which took place in Sarajevo, was supported by the EU funded project “Support to Social Partners in Social Dialogue”. The conference was attended by representatives of the entity governments and the Government of Brcko District of BiH, entity and cantonal associations of employers and trade unions, employers’ associations and trade unions of the Brcko District of BiH and other relevant institutions and international organizations. On this occasion, they discussed the current state and possibilities for improving the processes and mechanisms of the social dialogue.

At the conference it was emphasized that, within the process of social dialogue, it is crucial that all relevant parties at all levels are truly included. Constructive and effective dialogue between workers, employers and government representatives in BiH is essential for the economic future of the country and is one of the key challenges on its European path.

“Transformation of the social dialogue in BiH into an effective mechanism and forum for collective bargaining is necessary. A prerequisite for a successful transformation is that all of the social partners, all levels of governments, employers’ associations and trade unions in BiH, at all levels, find a common vision of social dialogue and to work together to fulfil it”, said Jurriaan Kraak, Ambassador of Kingdom of the Netherlands in BiH.

As it was announced from the EU Delegation in BiH, participants concluded that the practice of other countries has shown that the involvement of social partners in the reform process is vital, and that the solutions found through the social dialogue are better and comprehensively accepted and it is easier to implement it in practice. Other countries experience has also shown that a consensus with the social partners helps to ensure long-term sustainability of economic and social reforms.

“Functional dialogue between the social partners and their participation in the shaping and implementation of the reform processes is an essential component of the European integration process. EU in BiH is investing significant efforts in improving the mechanisms of social dialogue but also the transparency, cooperation and openness between the social partners. EU is committed to this process because the constructive and effective dialogue between workers, employers and government representatives in BiH is a key prerequisite for the economic future of the country and one of the key challenges in its European path”, concluded Matt Field, Head of the Political Department in the Office of the EU Special Representative in BiH.

The EU funded project “Support to social partners in social dialogue”, aims to support the improvement of social dialogue in BiH, started in January 2016 and will last until January 2018./ΙΒΝΑ