BiH Serb politicians speed up diplomatic efforts

BiH Serb politicians speed up diplomatic efforts

Sarajevo, June 29, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Mladen Dragojlovic

As the day of discussion about British proposal of Resolution on Srebrenica in UN Security Council (UNSC) is coming, BiH Serb politicians are raising the diplomatic efforts against it to the next level, trying to convince members of the UNSC that the Resolution will spoil many relations in the country which were built in last 20 years.

The eyes of politicians, especially Republic of Srpska president Milorad Dodik and BiH Presidency Chairman, Mladen Ivanic, are on Russia and its representative in UNSC, who can stop the Resolution on the session. Along with it, they are trying to convince all other members of Council that the Resolution is not a positive document towards the reconciliation process in BiH. As such, Ivanic on Monday sent a letter to UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Mun and representatives of the countries, members of Council, to inform them that there is no consensus about the Resolution in the country. At the beginning of the letter, Ivanic emphasized that he is sending a message in his name and not on behalf of the Presidency.

“The fact that there is no consensus about the Resolution in the Presidency, clearly says that there is no unified attitude in the country among its nations. That is why the presence of BiH representatives in the UN on the sessions where the topic is the Resolution, cannot understand whether BiH supports it or not. The fact is that there is no such support. Nearly half of the citizens in the country are against the Resolution and, as Serb members of the BiH Presidency, I am asking it to not be adopted by the UN bodies”, Ivanic said in the letter.

On the press conference in Banja Luka, Ivanic told reporters that, in the letter, he emphasized that there is a full unity among Serbs in BiH that this Resolution is anti-Serb, since it doesn’t mention Serb victims in the villages near Srebrenica during war and that the Resolution will never be truly accepted by a large number of citizens in BiH. According to Ivanic, not only will it not have a positive effects, but it will additionally divide the society in BiH. He added that, prior of announcement about Resolution, BiH politicians begun the positive talks about social and economic reforms and future of the country. But, since the British representatives announced that they will send a Resolution in UNSC, the situation changed and now nobody talks about the future, but discussion is once again focusing on the past.

“We are deeply divided again and part of the reasons is the Resolution, which was sent on UNSC. All this was made in July 11, when Srebrenica remembers the events from 1995,  the first class political event and not dignified event of expression of respect to innocent victims. I want to warn you that the situation in BiH is not good and to ask you to understand that adoption of Resolution in UNSC is not good for stability in the country”, Ivanic mentions in the letter.