BiH: Russian ambassador in BiH advocates the abolishment of OHR

BiH: Russian ambassador in BiH advocates the abolishment of OHR

Russia has consistently advocated the withdrawal of the foreign protectorate mechanism in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), and the abolition of the function of the High Representative, as well as the transfer of all competencies to local authorities, Russian Ambassador to Bosnia Peter Ivantsov told the “Russian Gazette”.

He added that it is absurd that the country is still under observation by an international community’s administrator, who represents himself as above Bosnia’s democratically elected institutions.

“We are not the only ones criticizing him (the High Representative). Many BiH political forces do so as well, showing strong dissatisfaction with the High Representative’s behaviour and they are in favour of abolishing his function”, Ivantsov said for Srna news agency.

He added that “the existence of the High Representative has no practical meaning since peace and stability have reigned in the country for a long time, Bosnia has long shown itself to be a responsible and respected member of the international community, the country was elected as a member of the UN Security Council, and it even chaired the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe”.

Ivantsov claims that “the situation in Bosnia will change for the better when the conditions are created for all peoples to feel at home in their country, instead of being subjected to constant pressure just because they have their own opinion on any important issue”.

The Ambassador states that “rummaging through the country’s Constitution will only open the Pandora’s box” whose consequences can be uncontrolled and dangerous, and that is why there is no need for a “Dayton Two.”

Speaking about the relations between Bosnia and the Russian Federation and the possibilities of expanding bilateral cooperation, Ivantsov said that Russia is one of the key investors in the country and one of its leading foreign trade partners, but that there are certain differences of opinion, primarily those of a political nature.

“I would like to see a more constructive understanding of Russia’s role in a number of politicians in Bosnia’s Federation entity”, Ivantsov said.

He pointed out that Russia’s ties with the Republika Srpska entity deserve special attention, “where the highest level of trust, friendly and fraternal relations have long been ensured”.

“Political contacts between the local Serb and Russian state leaders are traditionally intense, which we will continue to encourage and expand”, Ivantsov emphasized./ibna