BiH receives support for battle against terrorism

BiH receives support for battle against terrorism

Sarajevo, July 12, 2016/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Mladen Dragojlovic

Members of the Saudi Arabia Parliamentary “Friendship Group for BiH” stressed on Tuesday in Sarajevo that their country strongly supports the commitment of BiH to take all necessary steps in the battle against terrorism and be part of the global anti-terrorist coalition.

The BiH Parliament Press Office announced that the Saudi parliamentarians, in their meeting with the Chairman of the House of Peoples of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH, Safet Softic, and members of the Friendship Group of the Parliamentary Assembly for Africa and the Middle East, Semsudin Mehmedic, reminded their interlocutors that Saudi Arabia and BiH recently signed a bilateral agreement on cooperation in the fight against terrorism and organized crime.

They pointed to the fact that Saudi Arabia is a leader of the Union of Islamic countries to fight terrorism. Emphasizing the fact that Saudi Arabia supports stability and the European path of BiH, Saudi parliamentarians congratulated the state leadership on submitting applications for EU membership.

The Chairman of the Friendship Group for BiH, Abdullah bin Hamud al Harbi, said that his country will continue to build sincere and friendly relations with BiH, respecting national diversity and coexistence of the three constituent peoples in BiH.

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Thanking the members of the Saudi Arabia Parliament delegation for their help and support of BiH in most difficult moments and whenever help was needed, Softic said that there are significant opportunities for promoting economic cooperation, especially in the sectors of energy, agriculture and tourism. Participants in the meeting agreed that more frequent meetings of parliamentary friendship groups and members of the parliamentary committees are necessary, in order to intensify inter-parliamentary cooperation between the two countries. Better contact and more meetings also lead to the activation and faster implementation of bilateral agreements between Saudi Arabia and BiH signed in the past year. Saudi parliamentarians, in this regard, invited members of the Friendship Group of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH to visit Saudi Arabia, which was accepted with pleasure.

Just a few hours before the support of Saudi Arabia delegation was confirmed, BiH state Court sentenced Mirel Karajic to one year in prison for participation in IDIL forces. Karajic was the member of the IDIL terrorist organization till mid 2015, when the Turkish government arrested him and extradited him to BiH for trial. At the beginning of the trial, Karajic made a plea agreement with the BiH Prosecution Office, admitting that he was member of “Devla Islamia”, an organization which is a part of IDIL.