BiH Prosecutor’s Office stops investigation of Dzaferovic

BiH Prosecutor’s Office stops investigation of Dzaferovic

Sarajevo, March 12, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Mladen Dragojlovic

The Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina issued on Wednesday afternoon an order on the non-conduction of an investigation against Sefik Dzaferovic (photo), Chairman of the House of Representatives of the BiH Parliament, for alleged war crimes. Former Federation BiH vice president, Mirsad Kebo, submitted to BiH Prosecutor’s office more than 8,000 pages of documents which, as he said, contain evidence against Dzaferovic and prove that he was involved in war crimes during war in BiH and that he, as chief of police in city of Zavidovici, didn’t react on war crimes against Serbs committed by members of the “El Mujahid” brigade.

The Prosecutor’s office decision triggered an avalanche of reactions from Serb representatives in BiH who, in general, condemned this decision saying that it is a final evidence that judicial institutions at state level are biased and don’t want to prosecute crimes committed against Serbs.

RS National Assembly speaker, Nedeljko Cubrilovic, told the media on Thursday that this decision is an insult for Serb nation and especially for families of the victims.

“It is a fact that many Serb Army and Police officers and politicians were sentenced because they knew of but didn’t prevent war crimes. According to the same criteria, Dzaferovic, as a high Bosniak police officer, knew or had to know for war crimes against Serbs in Zavidovici area”, Cubrilovic argued.

Stasa Kosarac, the head of the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD) caucus in the BiH parliament House of Representatives, told journalists that this decision confirms the views of victims’ families, and the majority of political parties and institutions in RS that the BiH Prosecutor’s Office is an estranged power centre managed by Bosniak political power-wielders and international community officials.

Dusanka Majkic, an SNSD representative in the BiH House of Representatives, says that the order not to investigate Dzaferovic’s involvement in war crimes has once again shown that there is no law or justice in Bosnia and Herzegovina and that the standards that are valid for one people are not valid for the Serb people.

“This is a message to the international community, which comes to show that in the Prosecution Office they do not use the best prosecutors, those who are able to determine the truth, but rather those who are the fastest readers of documents. That is why the judicial system is the biggest obstacle on the way to reconciliation in BiH”, Majkic said.

She added that the prosecutor’s decision was made exclusively by reading the documents and that there was no investigation to verify allegations contained in those documents.

Dzaferovic told to media that he expected a decision like this.

“From the beginning, I argued that it is a damnable lie, monstrous construction aiming at my discreditation”, Dzaferovic said and added that he will sue Kebo for false allegations.