F BiH Parliament didn’t confirm new Government

F BiH Parliament didn’t confirm new Government

Sarajevo, March 20, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Mladen Dragojlovic

After several days of negotiations between Party of democratic action (SDA), Croatian Democratic Union BiH (HDZ) and Democratic Front (DF), last week, leaders of these parties confirmed to public in BiH Federation (F BiH) that the confirmation of new Government is agreed and that it will be confirmed at the first session of F BiH Parliament.

But, as in many cases before, late on Thursday afternoon it was confirmed that something that is agreed in BiH one day, has no value on the next. First session of entity Parliament, scheduled for Thursday, was postponed and new Government is still under question. The problem is that delegates before the session discovered that there are too many Serbs in F BiH Government.

According to entity Constitution, F BiH Government must have eight Bosniak ministers, five Croatian, three Serb and one minister from national minorities. According to proposal of new Government, which was supposed to be confirmed, there was seven Bosniaks and four Serbs. So, MPs in F BiH Parliament didn’t want to confirm an unconstitutional Government. In the end, F BiH vice president, Milan Dunovic, withdrew his consent on the list of ministers and the session was postponed. He told the media that he made it upon the request of DF, since he is its member.

Head of the DF caucus in F  BiH Parliament, Dzenan Djonlagic, confirmed on Friday to media that this party demanded from Dunovic to withdraw his consent.

“In this situation it is not possible to determine the national structure of the new Government and DF cannot agree with that”, said Djonlagic.

For leader of HDZ BiH, Dragan Covic, this decision is a surprise because all was agreed in the negotiations of parties’ leaders.

“On Monday, we presented all candidates for new ministers in F BiH Government and in BiH Council of Ministers. Since then, F BiH president and two vice presidents signed that they agree with all candidates and the session was scheduled. How could we know that on Thursday somebody would have objections”, Covic said on Friday in Mostar.

He added that he is not sure what exactly is the problem and that he will demand more information. After that, as he said, it will be not a problem to make corrections and to schedule a new House session.