BiH: Palmer meets with BiH Presidency members

BiH: Palmer meets with BiH Presidency members

The Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Šefik Džaferović, as well as Presidency members Milorad Dodik and Željko Komšić, held talks today in Sarajevo with the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State of the United States of America, Matthew Palmer, regarding the political and economic situation in BiH.

The members of the BiH Presidency expressed their gratitude for the assistance and partnership role of the United States in implementing key reforms. The commitment to resolving issues important for the prosperity of the country, which is the focus of the BiH Presidency, was also reiterated.

Palmer restated the active US support toward Bosnia and Herzegovina in implementing the necessary reforms, strengthening democracy and the rule of law.

During the meeting, it was also stressed that the BiH Presidency is determined to continue cooperation in the implementation of the package of socio-economic reforms, the fight against corruption and against human trafficking.

The Members of the Presidency of BiH emphasized that there is an absolute consensus in Bosnia and Herzegovina when it comes to the European future of the country. The progress made on the BiH European path under the leadership of the BiH Presidency was welcomed.

Special focus was placed on the global consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. The negative impact of the pandemic on economic stability and prosperity, as well as the modalities for recovery and reconstruction of key segments of the economy were also discussed.

The meeting also included the migrant crisis, as well as ways to overcome the existing situation and find a sustainable solution.

BiH Presidency Chairman Šefik Džaferović said that it was a “useful meeting with our friends and with a strategic partner”.

“We have received support and an appeal for everyone in Bosnia and Herzegovina to be more committed to the reform path, to face the future so that this country can be built as soon as possible as an efficient, functional, stable, secure state, economically prosperous, ensuring that the citizens of this country, especially young people, look for their future here in BiH and not overseas”, Džaferović told reporters.

A key issue referred to the conjunction of the Serbia-Kosovo, that is, Belgrade and Priština talks, with the rest of the countries in the region.

“It was clearly stated that this process has nothing to do with any country in the region and that it concerns only Belgrade and Priština. It is something that we knew from the beginning and which I mention all the time, and today we heard it from representatives of the American administration at this meeting”, said Džaferović.

Serb BiH Presidency member Milorad Dodik described the meeting as good, adding that the US diplomat pointed out the need for the US-BiH partnership and the establishment of a leadership for all issues in BiH, while any matter should be resolved by consensus.

Dodik said Palmer pointed to that as a basis upon which BiH could consolidate its future.

He mentioned that several topics were discussed at the meeting, including the marking of the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Dayton Peace Agreement, in the adoption of which the United States and its partners played a significant role, while the BiH Presidency’s role would be to organise the marking ceremony programme.

Dodik emphasized that if a programme was to be organised, it would fall under the jurisdiction of the BiH Presidency in combination with other factors and subjects.

“Certain things should be taken into consideration regarding this programme. I also said that within the marking; if a strong BiH Presidency’s political statement is required, an agreement should be reached for the termination of the High Representative’s office in BiH, who is a disruptive factor and serves no purpose, except to justify his salary by occasionally incoherently saying something wrong”, Dodik stated at the press conference in East Sarajevo.

He stressed that paying tribute to all the victims in the last war was necessary, as well as rejecting various speculations often present in the political arena, such as how to assess the conflict in BiH.

“The Dayton Peace Agreement qualified it as a tragic conflict, which is adequate, but we also hear qualifications about aggression and other things, which cannot be tolerated”, Dodik said.

During his visit to BiH, Palmer also held meetings with representatives of other political institutions on state and entities level. /ibna