BiH: Ministry of security expects Austrian support regarding immigrants

BiH: Ministry of security expects Austrian support regarding immigrants

Deputy Security Minister in the Council of Ministers, Nedeljko Jović, believes that Austria is going to assist BiH in finding the best possible solution for establishing an extradition system for illegal migrants, in order to send them back to the countries of their origin.

“I believe that BiH will be greatly assisted by Austria in finding the best possible solution in terms of expert advice, as well as in other types of assistance”, Jović told SRNA Agency.

Jović claims that BiH is a transit country and not the illegal migrants’ final destination, as they leave BiH by the time the processing procedure is completed.

He points out that the Austrian Ministry of Interior has been increasingly engaged in organising a regional approach to combating illegal immigration, which, as he emphasizes, is proven by the Conference being organised on this topic, held on July 23 in Vienna.

“The entire migration policy is credible only when the return of illegal migrants to their countries of origin is practically carried out – whether it is a voluntary or forced return. Austria is not only one of the most active EU members in this regard, but more than that it has recognised that a clear operational focus to the topic of returns of illegal migrants is fundamental. Therefore, during the last years, it has purposefully built a unique system, with clearly defined tasks and goals, that has produced more than impressive results with more than 60,000 returns since 2014”, Jović pointed out.

Jović stressed that the abuses of the asylum system should also be mentioned, as is clearly evident by the data.

“In that regard, the figures are the most authoritative argument. If we have in mind the fact that in the period between January 1, 2018 and July 31 this year, 62,206 illegal migrants were registered in BiH, 58,782 or 94 percent of whom voiced their intent to apply for asylum, while 2,523 or four percent of the total number of individuals actually applied for it – everything is clear. Any additional comment would be really superfluous”, Jović said.

Austrian Interior Minister Karl Nehammer has called for the development of programmes to return illegal migrants in BiH and Serbia to the countries of their origin.

In his APA Agency interview, Nehammer states that the European Union has already planned certain programmes related to that issue, on which bilateral cooperation with BiH, where between 9,000 and 10,000 illegal migrants are staying, has already been developed. /ibna