BiH: Minister Košarac accused Minister Turković of obstructions

BiH: Minister Košarac accused Minister Turković of obstructions

Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations in the Council of Ministers, Staša Košarac, has confirmed that he has been prevented from heading the BiH delegation at the annual General Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency /IAEA/, which will be held between September 20 and 24 in Vienna.

In the statement for SRNA News Agency Košarac says that the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Council of Ministers, Bisera Turković, refused to give him consent to head the delegation at the General Conference of the highest international body for nuclear energy, under the auspices of the United Nations.

“Since Turković will be participating in the UN General Assembly in New York during this gathering, my Office has launched an initiative to head the BiH delegation as the minister responsible for the energy at the BiH level, at an event where we can express our strong opposition to the construction of disputed landfill on Trgovska Gora”, Košarac emphasized.

He has also confirmed the media’s allegations that based on the head of diplomacy’s decision, BiH will be represented by the Deputy Foreign Minister at an important event in the capital of Austria.

“Without intent to diminish the importance and role of the Deputy Minister, I believe it would be much better and more efficient at the ministerial level within the IAEA General Conference to talk about the burning issue the residents of 13 municipalities in the Una River Basin have been facing. Unfortunately, Turković has been unconcerned and lacked understanding for such a need,” Košarac pointed out.

According to him, this move by the current foreign minister in the Council of Ministers is the last in a series of obstructions in its efforts to solve the issue of radioactive waste and spent nuclear landfill construction on Trgovska Gora near the BiH border.

He reiterates the position that Trgovska Gora must not be the subject of politicization, as a possible landfill for radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel will endanger the health of 250,000 residents and the environment.

“I would not like to remind you of all Turković’s blockades during the formation of the Legal and Expert Team, i.e. the working bodies of BiH that deal with this issue in order to solve it. There are really inexplicable and illogical reasons for anyone, let alone the minister of foreign affairs of a country, to oppose presenting an issue that threatens the country’s residents, at an important international gathering of the highest diplomatic level,” Košarac said.


Source: SRNA