BiH is not a terrorist base, officials say

BiH is not a terrorist base, officials say

In the past 18 months there has been no record of the departure of BiH citizens to the battlefields in Middle East and, of the 143 terrorist acts in the world, performed by the “Islamic state” terrorists in 23 countries, there is not a single case connected in any way with BiH.

This is the conclusion of the meeting of BiH Council of Ministers Chairman, Denis Zvizdic, and BiH Minister of Security, Dragan Mektic, with directors of security agencies in the state, which took place on Tuesday in Sarajevo. Zvizdic and Mektic also stressed that BiH, in an institutional manner, is answering and disputing the statements  of regional and EU officials regarding the security situation in BiH. The trigger for the meeting were more often statements of officials as Czech president, Milos Zeman, Austrian Minister of foreign affairs, Sebastian Kurc, and several Croatian officials that BiH is becoming the country with a large number of radical Islamists and a possible terrorist base in Europe.

“We do not want to enter the daily political debate and react on the statements that are in the function of political and pre-election campaigns in the countries of the region or the EU”, Zvizdic said after meeting.

He added that the cooperation between BiH intelligence and security institutions is at a high level, and that it has never been better or more efficient. Zvizdic also rejected the claim that this country is the place where the flags of the Islamic state are free to care for individuals. Zvizdic called on the security services of neighboring countries to provide information they have about this issue and stressed that there is no country in the world which can say that it is completely protected from terrorism.

“There is no greater danger of terrorism in BiH than in Serbia, Croatia or any other European country. That is why we expect from our neighbors, with whom we want to achieve good-neighborly cooperation, to avoid statements that disturb citizens and which are harmful”, Zvizdic pointed out.

He rejected statements that in BiH are 5 000 to 10 000 radical islamists who can be considered as a potential threat. The Chairman of the Council of Ministers called on the BiH institutions to determine the accuracy of the allegations by individuals within BiH who, as he said, are raising tensions and imagine terrorist camps. If these allegations are not based on the truth, these persons should be sanctioned in accordance with the law for statements that cause enormous damage to the country.

BiH Security Minister, Dragan Mektić, said after the meeting that he will continue to openly and publicly talk about the problem of terrorism, reminding that in BIH in the past two years “no serious terrorist incident has been recorded”. He stressed that security services in BiH disrupted certain activities that may have be linked with terrorism, but did not want to present estimates of the number of persons that might present a potential threat to BiH, pointing out that it is a “living matter” and that there are different degrees of threat.

Mektic added that meetings of similar nature will be held in the following period, in which representatives of the entity security agencies will be invited./IBNA