BiH: International community supports Inzko’s request to RSNA

BiH: International community supports Inzko’s request to RSNA

The Embassy of the United States of America in Bosnia and Herzegovina notes in the statement to media that the US supports the purposeful activities that contribute to the reconciliation and confidence-building in the country.

“The glorification of war criminals is unacceptable. It insults victims and deepens the suffering of victims and their families while endangering the peaceful future of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” the Public Relations Office of the US Embassy said in the written response when asked to comment on the letter penned by High Representative Valentin Inzko, in which he calls on the RS National Assembly to annul the awards and commendations with which the Assembly presented persons convicted of war crimes, and to do so within a period of three months.

“Judgments for war crimes indicate individual responsibility and do not apply to one nation as a whole. Significant steps towards reconciliation, such as the recent removal of the Radovan Karadzic plaque, which we welcomed, are key to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Euro-Atlantic path. We call on local leaders to remove the symbols of discord in their communities across the country, and to turn to a peaceful and inclusive future,” said the Public Relations Office of the US Embassy.

The EU Delegation to BiH said that “the glorification of war criminals and revision of well-established symbols of discord facts regarding the war is contrary to European values and taking steps toward reconciliation is among the 14 key priorities in Bosnia’s path toward EU candidate status.”

“Glorifying war criminals, revisionism and denying well-documented and established facts about the events of the war, including war crimes, are contrary to the most basic European values,” the EU Delegation commented.

The statement adds that all political institutions and actors in the country should express their full and unequivocal commitment to respect for the rule of law, as well as to create an environment conducive to reconciliation.

On Wednesday, International Community High Representative Valentin Inzko penned a letter to the RS National Assembly leadership with the demand to annul the awards and commendations to Radovan Karadžić, Biljana Plavšić and Momčilo Krajišnik that were presented to them on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the RSNA establishment back in 2016. Inzko gave RSNA a three-month deadline to fulfil the demand.

The letter caused bitter reactions in RS and represents one of the rare occasions in which the opposition and the ruling coalition hold converging stances. /ibna