BiH Intelligence Agency warns of plan to assissinate Minister Mektic

BiH Intelligence Agency warns of plan to assissinate Minister Mektic

BiH Intelligence Agency sent an urgent message to all police agencies warning them that the assassination of BiH Minister of Security Dragan Mektic has been planned.

According to the intelligence information, criminal groups from BiH and neighbouring countries are preparing Mektic’s assassination.

Mektic confirmed this information tothe  media saying that he is warned about a possible assassination attempt.

“I was contacted in connection with this issue and directors of police agencies already reported about it”, Mektic said.

Information was sent earlier this week on addresses of the Directorate for Coordination of Police Bodies of BiH, the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA), Ministry of Interior RS and the Federation BiH Police. The heads of these agencies have already taken certain measures which should result in raising the level of protection for minister Mektic.

Intelligence Agency BiH stated a real threat exist and that information is based on at least three sources.

The Agency has, in fact, documented that the criminal organizations are already seeking a person to execute Mektic. Just a few days ago, he spoke at the conference in Sarajevo and stated that there are hundreds of persons in BiH believed to be in some way linked with terrorism. He confirmed that BiH had a problem with terrorism and violent extremism and that it had not had any terrorist acts or departures to foreign battlefields recorded in the past few years but that such a possibility could be ruled out.

Mektic also noted that there were many projects and resources approved for the deradicalisation of young people.

“Radical groups mainly live in communities and we are going into the families whose members fought in foreign battlefields so that such persons can be re-socialised and be re-integrated into society. There are 46 such families”, Mektic said.

BiH Prosecutor’s Office announced on Thursday that the investigation regarding the information about an impending assassination attempt on Mektic is ongoing./IBNA