BiH: “Institutional Support to Anti-Corruption in BiH – IPAK” conference held

BiH: “Institutional Support to Anti-Corruption in BiH – IPAK” conference held

Prevention is the key to an effective fight against corruption, it is stated today at the conference of the EU funded project “Institutional Support to Anti-Corruption in BiH – IPAK”, which presented findings and recommendations for improving the fight against corruption in areas and institutions particularly prone to corruption, i.e. with a special risk of corruption.

In his introductory address, Program Manager for Home Affairs in the EU Delegation to BiH, Karoly Soos, said that corruption is one of the biggest challenges of modern society.

“Prevention is the key to an effective fight against corruption. Prevention includes various forms of corruption risk assessment, internal control mechanisms, transparency, ethics, public participation, raising awareness of the harmful effects of this phenomenon and the importance of fighting corruption,” said Soos, adding it is very important that citizens are reporting corruption.

He welcomed the fact that several public institutions have adopted anti-corruption plans, i.e. integrity plans, and introduced ethics and regulations in the fight against corruption. Soos said that in the future, the European Commission will change its approach to better support the fight against corruption, emphasizing the importance of the sectoral approach.

The analysis was presented by experts engaged in the IPAK project, Biljana Vokić and Amila Kurtović, who stated that this analysis aims to identify and assess the situation in those institutions and areas that are most prone to corruption in BiH. They were guided by the reports of the European Commission, as well as the reports of GRECO, a group of countries for the fight against corruption, which indicated that corruption is most present and most destructive in those areas that have a direct impact on the daily lives of citizens.

The project “Institutional Support to Anti-Corruption – IPAK”, worth 750,000 euros, provides support to anti-corruption bodies and institutions at all levels in BiH to raise the fight against corruption in the country to a higher and more engaged level.