BiH must implement reforms and decisions

BiH must implement reforms and decisions

Sarajevo, December 23, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Mladen Dragojlovic

For six years BiH has failed to implement the ruling of the European Court of Human Rights in the case “Sejdic-Finci vs BiH”, as was announced on December 22.

“It is BiH’s obligation, as a member of the Council of Europe to address this issue. The implementation of the Sejdic-Finci ruling will benefit everyone in BiH. This ruling represents a clear basis on which it is possible to protect and celebrate the diversity that enriches and strengthens the fabric of BiH society”, commented the International community High Representative in BiH, Valentin Inzko, on the matter.

This anniversary, Inzko emphasised, is a good opportunity to once again remind the authorities of BiH to bring the country’s Constitution and its electoral arrangements in line with the ECtHR ruling and the European Convention on Human Rights. He added that the “Sejdic-Finci” ruling is about making sure that every citizen in BiH enjoys the same rights to participate in public life. It is about removing discrimination from society.

“The implementation of this ruling would be a sign of maturity of the BiH institutions, and a proof of their dedication to tolerance and openness. Furthermore, it would help to reestablish the traditional way of life and values of the society of BiH where every culture was welcome and equally treated and where everybody had the equal right to vote and to be elected”, the High Representative concluded.

But, OHR doesn’t think that everything in BiH is slow or that reforms have been canceled. This international institution welcomes the efforts made by BiH leaders towards further progress in the implementation of the Reform Agenda, especially on the implementation of reforms needed to improve the process of European integration of the state. In the announcement issued on Wednesday, OHR expressed hope that institutions of BiH will keep the positive momentum achieved in the implementation of necesarry reforms, including reforms in the social and economic area, rule of law, public servie and judiciary system, in accordance with citizens’ demands.

“In 2016, OHR wishes that BiH government ramains deticated to the implementation of reforms. Some of them will be hard, but they will bring new oportunities for this country and citizens. OHR believes that BiH must unite efforts and think about the common goods”, said OHR.