BiH has discovered several migrants linked with terrorism

BiH has discovered several migrants linked with terrorism

Ιn this year alone, BiH Service for Foreigner Affairs identified six migrants from Afghanistan, in the Bihać and Sarajevo areas, and put them under the supervision of the Immigration Service Center in East Sarajevo.

Five of them are linked to international terrorism, while the sixth is linked to smuggling migrants and organized crime. In the Service press release, it was pointed out that these migrants were discovered due to the intensified measures and activities of profiling security-interested persons among the migrants, and through cooperation and exchange of information with the local and international partners, primarily through the exchange of biometric data.

“The service identified that G.R.Z. (34), N.S.S. (30), K.Q. (23) and F.A.A. (25), represent a threat to BiH’s public order and security as well as Z.U. (22), S.A. (24), for which the Service currently, in cooperation with partner agencies and countries of origin, carries out the process of affirming identity”, was stated in the statement.

BiH’s Service for Foreigner’s Affairs stated that their priority will be to continue locating and processing migrants linked to terrorism or organized crime, which will make a significant contribution to the security of the country and its citizens.

The migrant situation in BiH is still “on hold” because of the bad weather, but as the warmer days are coming, the fear of a new migrant wave in the state grows. Una Sana Canton authorities are on the edge of patience since they have to shoulder the biggest burden of the crisis, as this Canton is situated on the border with Croatia.

The BiH Border Police expects a new migrant wave with the arrival of warmer weather. They are mostly entering BiH across the Drina River, on the eastern border with Serbia, near the towns of Bijeljina, Zvornik and Višegrad.

“Our best partner, right now, is the bad weather. The moment the weather gets warmer and more stable, the situation at the border will get more complicated and similar to what we experienced last year”, Sanela Dujković, BiH Border Police Spokesperson said to local media.

The BiH Border Police also expect 100 new staff members and they will be assisted by officers from other police agencies in controlling the border.

The UNHCR, however, said the biggest migrant wave is over.

“The situation today is incomparable to what we had in 2015 when around a million migrants went through the Western Balkans. Not BiH, but through North Macedonia and Serbia,” Nevena Crvenković from the UNHCR said.

This organisation said that there are some 10,000 migrants currently residing in BiH and Serbia.

In the past months, the European Union has allocated more than 7.2 million euros through the project “EU Support to Migration and Border Management in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, to support BiH efforts in helping migrants and refugees and improving the country’s border management capacities.

Within the project, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) handed over a minibus to the Border police of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This donation will improve the efforts and everyday work of the Border Police, which has augmented due to the increased presence of migrants in BiH./IBNA