BiH expects a new influx of migrants

BiH expects a new influx of migrants

According to the state Border Police, Bosnia and Herzegovina can expect a new influx of migrants, but this police agency suffers from a lack of officers to protect the eastern borders with Serbia, the direction where the migrants mostly come from.

If the problem with the insufficient number of the border police officers is not solved soon, the migration issue might escalate, warned the BiH Border Police.

“The available officers cannot sufficiently patrol the borders. That would mean one officer for 30 kilometres of the border and European standards say that one officer should supervise an area of one-kilometre”, explained Sanela Dujković, the Spokesperson for BiH Border Police.

To fully cover the border with Serbia, the Border Police needs 1,000 officers.

According to the BiH Service for Foreigners’ Affairs, 18,641 migrants were registered in the period January 1 – September 2, but this number changes on a daily basis. BiH Red Cross said they would provide additional resources to help to solve the crisis.

“A partnership conference i.e. a donor conference under the auspices of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies will take place in Sarajevo, at the Parliament’s building the day after tomorrow. We expect to have the overall situation presented there”, said Husein Kličić, Head of the BiH Red Cross.

The state has been struggling with this problem for the second year after thousands of illegal migrants from various African and Asian countries took a route through the country to reach their final destinations mostly in Western Europe, TV N1 reported.

But, as Croatia keeps its border closed for illegal migrants, they are stranded in the areas between the border of Croatia and BiH.

International organisations have provided shelter in several temporary migrant centres in the northwestern region Una-Sana Canton, but their capacities cannot serve the dramatically increasing number of incoming foreigners./ibna