BiH Central Election Commission ruled on the case of brutal insults

BiH Central Election Commission ruled on the case of brutal insults


By Mladen Dragojlovic – Banja Luka

Due to the scandal in Trebinje, when opposition Party of democratic progress (PDP) supporters on the election meeting called RS Prime Minister Zeljka Cvijanovic (photo) a “prostitute” and RS president Milorad Dodik “thief”, BiH Central election commission, at Wednesday, removed PDP candidate for RS National Assembly, Slavko Vucurevic, from the election list, and banned his candidature.

Cvijanovic is also a candidate of ruling Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD) for BiH Presidency member, and Dodik is SNSD leader and candidate for RS President on elections. The incident occurred during the weekend when the PDP and other opposition parties in the “Coalition for Changes” organised a public meeting in Trebinje. During Vucurevic’s speech, supporters were yelling insults against SNSD candidates.

Besides the removal, Vucurevic is fined with 3,000 BAM (about 1,500 Euros) and his party, PDP, must pay 6,000 BAM (about 3,000 Euros).

He have the right of appeal to the BiH Court of Appeals, but as far as the Central election commission is concerned, this case is closed. Until the Court decide on the case, Vucurevic’s name will stay on the list. In the case that voters elect him on elections and Court dismiss his complaint, Vucurevic will not take a seat in RS Assembly.

Vucurevic held a press conference and said to journalists that the Central election Commission’s decision means that the Commision was instrumentalised by SNSD.

“They ruled based on an edited video clip. It is obvious that Trebinje city government is an obstacle to SNSD to achieve its goals”, said Vucurevic who is also Trebinje Mayor.

Zeljka Cvijanovic said to journalists that she is satisfied with Vucurevic’s ban, but that the financial punishment is too small.

“I will fill a private appeal to the court on grounds of insults. I expect to receive satisfaction, because that what happened in Trebinje was never seen before”, said Cvijanovic.

She emphasized that this situation worries her because it is obvious that some candidates enjoyed the event.

Several organizations that care about women’s rights also welcomed the decision, but also expressed their concerns about gender relations in that part of Republic of Srpska.