BiH: Authorities expect pressure of illegal immigrants at the borders to increase

BiH: Authorities expect pressure of illegal immigrants at the borders to increase

The Minister of Security of BiH, Fahrudin Radončić, stated that BiH could expect a new wave of migrants from Greece.

“There are about a hundred thousand of them and they will move across BiH to Croatia. You know that we have different opinions. What I am advocating is a very energetic approach, discouraging them, stopping them, and deporting them legally. Some others think that we should be silent, that we should make new camps”, Radončić told reporters in Sarajevo.

He stated that there are already about 3,000 illegal migrants in BiH, and added that media and political work should discourage their arrival in BiH.

“BiH must take full responsibility sovereignly and without fear and clearly say that it does not want to accept illegal migrants. Firstly, because we do not know their identity, secondly, we cannot bear that burden economically”, Radončić pointed out and added that he would not agree to open the border for illegal migrants at the cost of not being the Minister of Security because, as he said, he knows what that means for BiH in five or ten years.

According to him, the key is regional cooperation, but also Brussels.

“Migrants cannot enter and leave the Greek border without the EU teaching us lessons on how to treat them. Migrants are a global problem. We will not allow BiH to be a plateau for migrants, where certain countries, through humanitarian organizations, will select the best staff, and the worst part of the population will be left to BiH to deal with. Migrants stay for years, not a month or two. This is a huge security threat, not only for BiH but also for the EU”, Radončić concluded and added that he would not allow a new camp for 3,000 people to be built in Sarajevo.

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s border police director Zoran Galic confirmed on Monday evening that upon the lifting of some of the COVID-19 restrictions, the pressure of migrants along the BiH-Serbia borderline had risen.

In the last 24 hours, the police in the area of the north-eastern town of Zvornik deterred 91 illegal migrants from entering Bosnia from Serbia.

They also prevented the smuggling of irregular migrants from Serbia into Bosnia on their route towards Western Europe./ibna