BiH approach to Transport Community still “on hold”

BiH approach to Transport Community still “on hold”

BiH Council of Ministers and entity prime ministers still haven’t reach an agreement on the state approach to Transport Community, which was supposed to be signed at the Balkan countries meeting in Trieste. According to BiH Minister of Foreign Affairs, Igor Crnadak, authorities agree that BiH membership in this organization means a lot of benefits and that it is possible to reach an agreement very soon.

“I believe that we will do that before the season of vacations, since positions are so close that we can finish the job”, Crnadak said.

BiH and Federation BiH officials accused RS Government for lack of cooperation in this case, but this Government denied the responsibility and transferred it on the BiH Council of Ministers. RS PM, Zeljka Cvijanovic, said on Tuesday that the reason BiH didn’t sign the Transport Community Treaty in Trieste is not RS, but the inability of the Council of Ministers to bring to an end to any issue it was dealing with.

“This was the case with excise issue and a set of laws that are defined by the reform agenda. Due to such attitude, an arrangement with the IMF has been “frozen” and the EBRD and EU funds have been blocked, including the Transport Community Treaty. Officials at the BiH level are trying  to ‘shift the hot potato to RS’, but we have shown our attitude towards reforms by fulfilling our obligations seven months ago. In that period they made nothing, and now they would ‘break things over the knee'”, Cvijanovic said.

Regarding the thesis that the EU does not accept that the line ministries rotate when presenting BiH views within the Transport Community Treaty, Cvijanovic has stressed that this is a matter of an internal agreement, rather than an EU regulation. She expressed the belief that EU is interested in a harmonized position that will be agreed and presented on behalf of BiH, not who is presenting it. Cvijanovic emphasized that EU representatives already said that the solutions from the Treaty could not be changed.

“If all from the region can survive that, we will survive too”, Cvijanovic said.

She notes that “all the fiasco” about the Transport Community is the result of the fact that the BiH Council of Ministers did not conduct any activities on the issue for months, striving to bypass the rules of the coordination mechanism.

“Then they woke up from “hibernation” and a two-and-a-half-year long theater performance and decided to accuse RS for their inaction. If they intend to continue with it, they are free to do so, but I must say they can no longer deceive EU officials with such a groundless theory. After all, the EU representatives also made it clear during the meetings in Brussels”, Cvijanovic explained./IBNA