BiH Ambassador in Serbia resigns

BiH Ambassador in Serbia resigns

Sarajevo, March 25, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Mladen Dragojlovic

Ranko Skrbic (photo), BiH ambassador in Serbia, resigned on Wednesday and sent the letter to biH Presidency.

In his letter, Skrbic explained that he resigned due to “substantive and conceptual disagreements with the current policy in BiH”.

“I don’t want to be the representative of that policy in Serbia and much less to enforce BiH foreign policy regarding Serbia as it is planned. As such, I submit irrevocable resignation for the position of BiH ambassador in Belgrade”, Skrbic says in his letter of explanation.

He emphasised that he was first Serb from RS on this position and, for him, it was an honour. Skrbic said that in 18 months, which he spent on that position, he tried to contribute in strengthening bilateral relations between BiH and Serbia and, at the same time, between RS and Serbia, all in the best interest of the nations which he represented in Belgrade.

“Unfortunately, during the election campaign has started a campaign of slander against my name, led by opposition political leaders, and is continuing to the present day; They have tried very hard to discredit my name, my position and the role that I have as ambassador of BiH”, Skrbic stated.

His resignation came in the middle of a campaign against him in BiH, with opposition parties demanding his dismissal. Earlier, Skrbic was general manager of the biggest hospital in RS, Banja Luka Clinical Centre, and, according to opposition, signed several very harmful contracts regarding the hospital’s reconstruction. Opposition accused him at that time that his signature was a result of bribery. After that, Skrbic was on the position of minister of health in RS government and opposition consider him as the main culprit for the ruination of the health system in this entity.

Skrbic is also good friends with RS President and leader of alliance of independent social democrats, Milorad Dodik, who nominated him for the position of BiH ambassador in Serbia.

After elections, in October 2014, the parties the make up the Alliance for changes demanded from BiH Presidency member and leader of Party of democratic progress, Mladen Ivanic, to remove Skrbic from the position of ambassador. Ivanic’s party is a member of Alliance for changes and he promised that Skrbic will be dismissed. Skrbic, however, resigned before Ivanic could fulfill his promise.