Bigger wages in Romanian public sector

Bigger wages in Romanian public sector

Bucharest, November 11, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Irina Stoica

One of the last decisions made by the Romanian ex-cabinet has passed in Parliament today. Therefore all state employees will get a pay rise as of December the 1st.

The Chamber of Deputies yesterday voted almost unanimously the ordinance on boosting salaries. The wages of the health personnel go up by 25 percent and those of other public sector employees increase by 10 percent.

An amendment stipulating pay rises for all public administration workers was brought to the ordinance upon the Social Democrats’ initiative. Although only one MP voted against the ordinance, a scandal broke out in Parliament and Liberal MPs were booed for having initially stood against the pay rise. The Liberal deputies requested in the plenary meeting that the bill be sent back to the expert committees for talks to be held with the Ministry of Finance, who should confirm that this increase is indeed sustainable.

The vote was by show of hands, because of a failure at the electronic voting system. The Chamber of Deputies is the decision-making body for this bill.