Big protest of dissatisfied citizens to be held on Saturday

Big protest of dissatisfied citizens to be held on Saturday

Zagreb, April 22, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Marija Avramovic

The Association “The Franc”, on the eve of the protest which is scheduled for April 25th in Zagreb, announced Wednesday that it wanted to express their dissatisfaction with the situation related to loans in Swiss francs, but also with the general state of the country.

“We are organising the protest with our citizens in order to demonstrate satisfaction with the situation surrounding lending in Swiss francs, as well as with the general state of the country”, noted the people from the association.

Protesters will gather on Saturday at noon at dr Franjo Tudjman Square and head towards Ban Jelacic Square where they will be divided into two groups.

Most of the crowd will continue to the Croatian National Bank (HNB), while others will go in front of the Croatian Government. With this mobilisation the association wishes to symbolically say that the key player in Croatia is HNB, and not the government.

“This Saturday, April 25, 2015, at noon, Croatian citizens will show their dissatisfaction with the situation in the country on a large demonstration organised by the Association “The Franc”. Because of its limited resources, the Association urges all citizens to donate money for organising transportation from all parts of Croatia”, asked the Association at today’s press conference.

According to information from the Association, for now there will be more than 60 full buses at the protest and at least as many people in their own engagement.

“At the protest are invited all dissatisfied Croatian citizens – those who have loans in Swiss francs or euros, those who are unemployed, those who are employed but are not getting paid, all those whose jobs are threatened. All of the families who had raised loans believing that they were doing good for their loved ones and are now on the brink of existence. Unfortunately, our present will become your future if all of us do not do something now”, Ivan Kontrec from the Association noted.

Association ‘The Franc’ is a nonprofit organisation that is primarily engaged in the protection of the rights of consumers of credits and financial services and products.