Biden to visit Anastasiades at hospital

Biden to visit Anastasiades at hospital

Nicosia, December 10, 2014/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Kyriacos Kyriacou

US Vice President Joe Biden will visit on Wednesday President of the Republic Nicos Anastasiades who underwent open heart surgery at Mt Sinai Hospital in New York City last week.

Joe Biden had talked with President Anastasiades before his operation to wish him good luck and after surgery he contacted the first lady, Andri Anastasiades, to be personally briefed on President`s health condition.

The recovery of the President is progressing smoothly and by Thursday he is expected to be moved from the cardiology ward to another room. The President is expected to be discharged from hospital on Monday, his doctors estimate.

The President was operated by renowned mitral valve surgeon Dr. David Adams, who is the Cardiac Surgeon-in-Chief at Mount Sinai. Dr. Adams and his team repaired the President`s mitral and tricuspid valves, which were leaking due to a degenerative valve condition.