Bicycling More Popular in Sarajevo

Bicycling More Popular in Sarajevo


By Maja Tuljković – Sarajevo

Everyday traffic jam is a reality in Sarajevo and especially at the time when citizens go to work or when is time for them to return home. 150.000 is the number of registered vehicles in Sarajevo that every day create long traffic columns, and make citizens to drive for hours. In this regard, Sarajevo every day more and more reminds us on some of the major European cities in which is almost impossible to avoid long hours of traffic jam.

In addition to the expansion of roads and other means of reducing traffic jam, one of the most effective methods is for sure the establishment of bicycle traffic. The expansion of bicycling in Sarajevo has been present since the end of the 90s of the last century. Bicycle as a form of transportation, among Sarajevo citizens is a common way of transportation from point A to point B, but cyclists in the capital city of B&H are every day facing with a big obstacle – the lack of cycling infrastructure, trails and parking, which would greatly contribute to the expansion of this form of transportation and would reduce the traffic jam.

However, there is a conceptual solution, that soon at the so called Vilsonovo Šetalište (Wilson’s Walk) and on the Kotormanića street to build bike paths, and in several city municipalities areas to build bicycle parking lots.

The trend of cycling expansion has started in 2005 in Sarajevo and now when we refer to the number of cyclists, one can say that this is a minor branch of economy in which there is a high level of competition. In Sarajevo is impossible to buy a good bicycle brand, for which is necessary to spend at least 500 BAM and the trend of selling bicycles in big shopping malls increases annually with 30 to 50 %. People are every day more and more interested to use bicycle as a form of transportation or recreation.

Also, in Sarajevo operates the Association for promotion of urban cycling Giro di Sarajevo. This Association from a group of cyclists that all thought it serves only to stop the traffic in city once a year; it turned into organization which consists of experts, whose opinions will now be taken into consideration in most of the institutions. Giro di Sarajevo is concerned about the safety of cyclists in Sarajevo and through its activities teaches children about the art of riding a bike and with its ideas is trying to improve the transport infrastructure in Sarajevo for the benefit of all.