Who do B&H Citizens Trust Most?

Who do B&H Citizens Trust Most?


By Maja Tuljković – Sarajevo

For the purposes of the UN, the research agency for public opinion ‘Prism Research’ recently conducted extensive research on who B&H citizens trust the most. The results of the research showed that most B&H citizens in B&H trust the police and religious leaers the most, and they have the least trust for political parties. According to this research, 51,8 percent have most trust in the police, wile 42,7 percent have the most trust for religious leaders and representatives of religious institutions in the country, in information conveyed by Anadolija Agency.

After police and religious leaders, 39 percent of B&H citizens have trust in the EU, followed by the military (37,4 percent), the UN (31,2 percent), and courts (29,1 percent). One third of B&H citizens believe in the international community, and 24,7 percent of citizens said that they have trust in OHR, and 23,4 percent said they trust the Tribunal in the Hague.

It was expected that citizens would have the least amount of trust for politicians and political parties, and only 14 percent of citizens said that they believe the B&H Council of Ministers and 11,4 percent in political parties. It can be concluded that B&H citizens of all nationalities believe in the police and religious leaders five times more than in politicians and political parties.

Seen from the aspect of national affiliation, Bosniaks believe in the military the most, and Croats have the most trust in the EU, Serbs in the police and citizens from the ‘Others’ in the police. Citizens of B&H who place themselves in the ‘Others’ group also place the most trust in municipal governments at 43,9 percent, while they have the least trust in political parties at 11,8 percent, just like the majority of B&H citizens.

The same study found that 46,6 percent of the citizens of the FB&H believe in the EU, 37,2 percent of citizens of the Brčko District, and 26,7 percent of citizens in the RS believe in the EU. Also, 33,7 percent of FB&H citizens believe in OHR, 38,1 percent of citizens in the Brčko District, while only 8,8 percent of the citizens of the RS believe in OHR.

On the other hand, most B&H citizens of all nationalities think that local politicians are responsible for the problems they face since the war ended. So, 86,2 percent of all citizens think that politicians are the most responsible for the above-mentioned problems, and 79,3 percent of B&H citizens blame the government and 33,5 percent blame the international community.