B&H Citizens Have to Save for Funerals

B&H Citizens Have to Save for Funerals


By MajaTuljkovic – Sarajevo

Most of the citizens of B&H are confronted today with a difficult economic situation, and thus they do not care in which part of the country they live, due to the fact that it is equally difficult and expensive everywhere.

However, when it comes to death, the situation is different, because of the differences in prices in cities in B&H is very pronounced. Many would jokingly say that for burial a credit is required, but if we judge based on the price list of funeral services, then we can say that it is ‘most expensive’ to die in Sarajevo, and the ‘cheapest’ in Cazin.

According to information made available by the Sarajevo Funeral Society ‘Bakija’, the cheapest price for a funeral in the capital city is around 2.000 BAM. From that, ‘Bakije’, charges 950 BAM for its services, and the remaining amount is paid to the Islamic Community for religious services. The price includes the cost of graves, coffins, transports, funeral ads, and other services, provided that their members who pay annual dues of 36 BAM do not pay anything. The ones who are members of the Islamic Community pay the amount of around 200 BAM.

Funerals are not much cheaper. It is only in the higher price range. Depending on the type of crate that a family member wants, prices range from 600 BAM, which is organized by the organization JKP ‘Commemorative Center’ Tuzla, up to 3.000 BAM, which is the maximum price for a funeral in Sarajevo.

The cheapest crates are around 300 BAM, due to which more and more people decide to bury their loves ones in them. And due to the crisis, people save even on flowers, and often buy artificial ones.

In Banja Luka, the capital city of the RS, the average funeral costs are around 1500 BAM. When it comes to cremation, crematoria buildings in Visoko are still under construction. Therefore, those who opt for cremation of a family member, usually opt for Zagreb instead. The price of this procedure in Zagreb is from 250 to 300 Euros, but the insurance costs of transport are high, and so this option is still an expensive one for many.

Of all the funeral companies, the cheapest services is offered by ‘Rahmet’ from Cazin, with a price from 250 to 300 BAM. They have also said that the family of the deceased would be exposed to significant costs while they pay for religious ceremonies.

Therefore, many retirees in the FB&H, in order to alleviate the expenses of a funeral burial for their families, pay two BAM a month dues. The funeral amounts to 300 BAM, which is paid to the Association. Of the 390.000 retirees, 200.000 of them pay for fees, and to receive a funeral, it is necessary to pay fees for a minimum of six months.

Due to these difficult situations, funeral companies are long encountering the concept of ‘social funerals and burials’. This is social assistance whose families are not able to pay for these costs. In Sarajevo last year, more than 100 funerals and burials were subsidized.