Betting companies give 66% chance to ‘Yes’

Betting companies give 66% chance to ‘Yes’

Athens, July 1, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

The odds given by betting companies indicate that a ‘Yes’ is the most likely scenario on the Greek referendum next Sunday.

The odds in favor of the “Yes” are obviously lower than those in favor of “No”, namely, the probability  of a ‘Yes’ was Monday afternoon at 66%, with the “No” at 33%.

Indeed, the odds given by the three largest companies in the industry are about the same. Specifically, Ladbrokes gives 1.33 to “Yes” and 3.00 to “No”. William Hill, gives 1.40 to “Yes” and 2.75 to “No”, while Betfair gives 1.40 to “Yes” and 2.75 to “No”, just as William Hill, according to the nrespaper “Kathimerini”.

At the same time, the average yields of a Grexit in 2015 are 1.36 that a Grexit will not happen and 3.25 that the country will exit from the Eurozone this year. A remarkable fact is, according to the, which gathered all the odds for Monday, that the chances increase on the stay of the country in the Eurozone and decline for a Grexit.

Also, a Grexit on Sunday was much more likely than on Monday, after yields fluctuated near 2.00, ie 50% to happen.