Croatia: Number of infections in Croatia shows a downward trend, Health Minister says

Croatia: Number of infections in Croatia shows a downward trend, Health Minister says

Croatian Health Minister Vili Beroš said on Thursday ahead of a government session that epidemiological data showed there was a downward trend in the number of coronavirus infections.

“We have recorded 232 infections today, and if we compare this with last Thursday, when there were 250, this is a lower number. On the Thursday before last, there were 291 infections, so this points to a downward trend. Today, there are 266 patients in hospitals, 23 have been admitted and 30 released, so there is still no sign of the health system being overburdened”, Beroš told reporters.

However, he is worried by the spike in the number of infections in Delnice, among beneficiaries of a nursing home.

“That is what we have been saying the entire time, that we are monitoring the epidemiological situation and that we are trying to respond to every such hotspot with adequate epidemiological measures”, Beroš said.

Later, the minister informed the government that newly diagnosed Covid-19 cases had declined over last three weeks, and in the last seven days, the infection rate went down by 5.2% week on week.

He also noted a decline in the percentage of hospitalised patients in comparison to the numbers of active cases.

Of the hospitalised Covid-19 patients, 9.71% are on ventilators, he added, explaining that this had been a rise of 1.71% since last week.

Since the outbreak of the infections, Croatia’s rate of fatalities per infected person has come to 1.68%.

Over the last 24 hours, of 5,351 tests performed for coronavirus, 232 have returned positive and four more Covid-19 patients have died, while there are currently, 1,200 active cases, the national Covid-19 management team said on Thursday morning.

There are 266 Covid-19 patients in hospitals, including 24 who are on respirators.

In the past 24 hours, 296 people have recovered. Currently, 9,329 people are in self-isolation./ibna