Berlin hopes for fair and honest elections in FYR Macedonia

Berlin hopes for fair and honest elections in FYR Macedonia

Skopje, April 10, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

German ambassador to Skopje, Gudrun Steinacker said today (10.04) that April 13 presidential elections in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia must be free and fair, by respecting the free vote of the citizens.

“I hope that the elections will be held according to democratic rules, enabling the citizen to express his will and conviction for the presidential candidates”, underlined Gudrun Steinacker.

According to her, “the next president of the country must try and be the president of all the citizens of Macedonia and in compliance with the framework Agreement, to continue and develop ethnic communities”.

“The president has the moral authority in the country and he must use that authority for his vote in relation to strengthening democracy and the rule of law”, said the German ambassador.

Commenting on the critics of several media and non government organizations for lack of transparency for the millions spent in this electoral campaign, she underlined the fact that there must be full transparency with the expenditure of money for government adverts and electoral campaign.

Steinacker has also talked about the process of negotiations on the name dispute, the lack of a solution and role of Germany in this process.

“The involvement of Germany or European Union can be in the form of support for the negotiations brokered by UNO intermediary, Mathew Nimetz and not to have an intermediary role”, underlined the German ambassador, Gudrun Steinacker. /ibna/