Berisha: Our alliance is the best one in history

Berisha: Our alliance is the best one in history

Lezhe-From Lezhe, Prime Minister Sali Berisha has accused the chairman of the Socialist Party, Edi Rama of having an imaginary Albania in his mind.

In the ceremony of the inauguration of the road that links Kodhel-Dahç-Blinisht, which further links it to the highway of the north, Berisha said, addressing to the head of the opposition that, “The most terrible fear of yours is the fear of vote. I cannot heal you from this. The Albanian people will heal you from this on June 23”, said Berisha.

According to Berisha, through the reforms that it carried out, the DP deserved the EU candidate status, but the European Commission demanded him to vote the three laws in Parliament, which had been waiting 6 months to be ratified. “Those laws await June 23”, said Berisha.

“We move toward June 23 sure about the victory, because we have managed to seal the change, we have drafted along with you the vision of developed Albania, of the growth of incomes, vision of integration, because today we have the largest alliance in the history of the country. The right wing and center wing joined around those principles which managed to take this country out of misery”, declared Berisha.

“Which is the other alliance? It’s an alliance whose aim is to overthrow me at any cost. Their alliance is not genuine. There are 4 communist parties, three parties of serial killers and thieves. Out of 35 parties in the list, 25 of them have never participated in the elections. He lies about names, we deal with the problems of the people and with our excellent victory of June 23”, said Berisha.

Berisha then talked about the progress made in the country after 2005, when his government came in power. “The changes in your life style, the improvement of the services offered to you are the major objectives. During these years, we did everything for Albanians in the rural or urban areas to have the same schools, the same roads, and the same healthy system. 8 years ago, 2/3 of the country was declared an area of nothing. Respect for the citizen, the love for him, respect for the country, the belief in its potential led us to commit and give to the Albanian people the infrastructure of developed countries”, said Berisha. Prime Minister Berisha also talked about the road infrastructure in the country, a topic which is the cause of debate between the majority and opposition. “In Albania we have paved over 10 thousand km of roads, over 8 thousand km in rural areas. In the district of Lezhe alone, we have built and reconstructed 500 km of roads”, said Premier Berisha.

Berisha then read a communication made on the Internet with an emigrant from Zadrime who lived in Italy and who had demanded him to pass through his village where 2 km of road made the life of his fellow villagers very difficult. “We, who paved in villages and rural areas over 8 thousand km of road and will pave every kilometer of Albanian road. We are building and reconstructing schools. In Lezhe alone, 84 schools. Schools in the rural areas will be the same as those in the urban areas”, continued Prime Minister Berisha with his promises, pointing out the incentive of the past 2 years in which this area, being an area of pomegranate, is moving quickly forward to new plantations. In a short period of time, Dajç, Blinisht and all this area will have the largest plantations of pomegranate in the Balkan”, declared Prime Minister Berisha.

“We will do everything to change the economic situation of our citizens. We doubled pensions in the rural areas and there were not many who believed that this would happen. I can guarantee you that we will continue this for as long as you vote us. We did everything for your European dream, with our reforms and with your support, we managed to lift the visa regime for the country. Albanians move freely now in Europe”, declared Berisha by demanding the residents of Zadrime to vote for the Democratic Party.