Belgrade: Demolition of illegally built mosque prevented

Belgrade: Demolition of illegally built mosque prevented

The demolition was planned for Thursday of a religious structure built illegally in Zemun Polje in Belgrade by the Islamic Community.

However, due to a large number of citizens who gathered to prevent it, the demolition was not carried out, N1 is reporting.

Previously, representatives of “all utility services” as well as a large number of regular and traffic police gathered at the site, along with heavy equipment and a tow truck.

Representatives of the Islamic Community spoke with those of the municipality of Zemun and the local police in order to agree on removing a large number of children, women, and youths who opposed the demolition from the building, and implement the local authorities’ decision.

However, this did not happen, “so it was decided to postpone the action and continue conversations at a higher level.”

Members of the Islamic Community earlier in the day parked a large number of cars in front of the structure, preventing the police and municipal representatives from approaching it. The police managed then to move the cars aside and allow passage.

The building of the mosque started in 2014, the report said.

Believers were gathering around it in recent days as well, while Mufti of Srem Zejnulahu on Wednesday called on Muslims to “respond” and “together, peacefully and in a dignified manner, use legal and legitimate means to protect the building from demolition.”

He addressed those gathered today, urging them “to remain calm,” and saying they would stay there “as long as possible awaiting an agreement with a higher level of authority.”/IBNA

Source: B92