Belgian police officer “buys” death in Albania to avoid jail

Belgian police officer “buys” death in Albania to avoid jail

Tirana, 11 August 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

To escape jail, a man may also be forced to “buy” death. This has been the case with the 52 year old Guido V.L, who was forced to buy a death certificate in order not to be caught be police. To do this, the Belgian citizen has used an Albanian doctor, who has collaborated with a former officer of the Belgian police, by forging several documents last year in Albania, in order to avoid his criminal trial in Belgium.

According to “”, the 52 year old Guido V.L, in cooperation with a doctor in Albania, forged a death certificate in order not to leave any traces.

The former police officer was under investigation for several criminal offenses in Belgium and decided to escape to Albania. With the help of an Albanian doctor, the Belgian citizen orchestrated his death in Albania, to avoid a possible conviction by Belgian courts. Once the mother of the former officer submitted the Albanian documents to the Belgian prosecution, the latter was obliged to suspend all inquiries and the case was suspended. The former police officer is under investigation for money laundering.

The fraud was discovered when the former officer returned to Belgium. Guido V.L and he was recognized by his former colleague in a bar in the city of Antwerp. He was immediately arrested by Belgian police and accepted the charge of orchestrating his death in Albania.

The court sentenced him with one year in prison and 500 Euros of fine. The identity of the Albanian doctor has not been revealed by Belgian media, but they have considered the fact that a doctor has assisted in such corrupt scheme, as a real shame. /ibna/