Bečić – Teofilaktou: Similarities between the two countries have a strong potential for cooperation

Bečić – Teofilaktou: Similarities between the two countries have a strong potential for cooperation

Montenegro’s entry into the family of European nations, a process strongly supported by the Republic of Cyprus, would open additional opportunities for cooperation between the two countries, but also create space for strengthening Montenegro as an EU member, said Ambassador of the Republic Cyprus to Montenegro, Dimitrios Teofilaktou, during a meeting with Montenegrin Parliament Speaker Aleksa Bečić.

It was concluded at the meeting that the areas of infrastructure, science and technology, renewable energy, but also the tourism sector are possible fields of future cooperation, and it was pointed out that the contribution of parliaments and competent committees in that part is extremely important.

Bečić expressed satisfaction with the first official meeting with Ambassador Teofilaktou, emphasizing that this is another confirmation of sincere and quality bilateral relations between Montenegro and the Republic of Cyprus.

“Thanking the Republic of Cyprus for its continuous action and providing support to Montenegro on its European path, the Speaker of the Assembly referred to the recent Conference of Speakers of Parliaments of Small European States, during which he, through a bilateral meeting with the Speaker of the House of Representatives of Cyprus, Anita Demetriou, discussed the modalities of the cooperation between the two friendly countries,” said Bečić cabinet press release.

Noting the numerous common challenges facing Montenegro and Cyprus, as small states, Bečić pointed to the potential for intensifying cooperation in the field of tourism, as well as the need to diversify this industry.

Emphasizing that Montenegro has a place in the family of European nations, and emphasizing that it has the strong support of Cyprus along the way, Ambassador Teofilaktou pointed out the geographical, spatial, economic and other similarities of the two countries, which strongly connect them for cooperation and opens the possibilities for the cooperation in the field of tourism, renewable energy, infrastructure, science and technology, and the improvement of each area individually. It was stated that cooperation in certain areas should be promoted at the parliamentary level, given the role that parliaments have as representative bodies.

“I have already had the opportunity to talk about how much we need modern shipbuilding, the construction of modern ports, airports. We have the expertise and knowledge that we can share in that part and we are willing to share it,” said the Ambassador of the Republic of Cyprus.

Emphasizing that tourism should be developed in the category of sustainability, covering various branches, Ambassador Teofilaktou assessed that the science and technology sector can be significantly improved through the connection that would be established between the academic community and the private sector. In that sense, he proposed the establishment of bilateral, but also trilateral relations between Montenegro, Serbia and Cyprus, academies of sciences and universities.

Agreeing that the process of European integration is two-way, the interlocutors assessed that Montenegro should continue on the path of reform, but also that the concrete results that the country has achieved deserve to be valued through full membership. Thus, as it was pointed out, the European Union would show that the enlargement process lives in practice.