BEC final results: PSD – 45.67pc in Senate, 45.47pc in Chamber of Deputies

BEC final results: PSD – 45.67pc in Senate, 45.47pc in Chamber of Deputies

According to Mihai Muhulet, the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) representative, final results reveal that the Social-Democratic Party (PSD) has in the Senate 45.67% of the votes cast in the parliamentary elections on Sunday and in the Chamber of Deputies 45.47%.

The National Liberal Party (PNL), second in preferences, has 20.41% of the votes in the Senate and 20.04% in the Chamber of Deputies.

In the Chamber of Deputies: PSD – 45.47% (154 seats), PNL – 20.04% (69 seats), USR – 8.87% (30 seats), UDMR – 6.18% (21 seats), ALDE – 5.62% (20 seats), PMP – 5.34% (18 seats).

The national minorities have 17 seats in the lower chamber.

In the Senate: PSD- 45.67% (67 seats), PNL – 20.41% (30 seats), USR – 8.92% (13 seats), ALDE – 6% (9 seats), UDMR – 6.24% (9 seats) and PMP – 5.65% (8 seats).

In the general elections on Sunday, the number of valid voted was of 7,052,966 for the Senate and of 7,047,384 for the Chamber of Deputies.

As the minorities (others than the Hungarian minority) have achieved 17 seats, the future parliament will have 465 seats. It means that the level of 50% plus 1 is 233 votes. In order to achieve parliamentary majority PSD needs to cooperate with ALDE.

The future parliament will be made up by 6 parties, dozens of political parties failing to reach the electoral threshold of 5%. Out of the parties which failed to enter parliament there is the Republican Party which was voted by only 52 individuals.

The vote in Diaspora: USR – 31,461 for the Chamber of Deputies and 31,832 for the Senate; PNL – 28,254 and 28,453 respectively; PMP – 25,254 and 25,985 respectively; PSD – 10,000 votes for the lower chamber as well as for the upper chamber of parliament./IBNA